Warren Ranch- 670 Acres

Recreation and development property located on Javine Hill just north of Skiatook, OK. Property is selling as a whole or: (Tract 1- 295 +/-ac SOLD) (Tract 2- 200 +/- ac SOLD) Tract 3- 175 +/- ac, or any combination thereof. Consists of rolling Cross Timbers vegetation, canyons, springs and tall grass vegetation with multiple building locations.

For maps and other information please contact us.

Property Description & Acreage:

This 670+/- acre ranch is offered as one unit or as three tracts described as:

Tract 1: 295+/- acres $1250/acre (SOLD)

The acreage has hard surfaced road access from CR 2101 (Javine Road) for one mile and close access to a 4” rural water line. The tract offers livestock grazing opportunities for a small livestock operation, a functional steel corral, excellent fencing and multiple ponds. The south portion offers several home site options removed from any current oilfield activity. An oilfield supply yard in the center of the property will be removed leaving only a tank battery location and approximately 8 operating wells which are located mostly on the north portion of the tract.

Tract 2: 200+/- acres (SOLD)

Over ½ mile of hard surfaced road access is available from CR 2101 (Javine Road) on the west and access on the southeast is from CR 2154. Rural water is available on the west from the 4” rural water line. The acreage is mostly timber covered with elevation changes of close to 200’ in a large draw and drainage area that bisects the property.The west area of the tract includes a small home and outbuildings (in disrepair) and a mobile home that is habitable, but sells as is. There are a limited number of operating wells on the north portion of the tract.

Tract 3: 175+/- acres $800/acre (CONTRACTED)

CR 2154 provides approximately ½ mile of access to the north and south in this tract. Again, the elevation changes for this timber covered acreage ranges almost 225’. The topographic maps will show three drainage areas that originate on the acreage.All the current mineral activity is in the west half of this tract and does provide some road accessibility.


The property is easily accessed by Javine Hill Rd from either Avant or Skiatook.

  • Avant- 1.75 miles
  • Skiatook- 9 miles
  • Bartlesville- 35 min
  • Tulsa- 45 min

Tract 1 has new fencing in place on the south, east and west of the tract with older fencing on the north. The steel corral has a small adjacent catch trap.The property line next to Javine Road is serviced by Osage County Rural Water district 15.
The older trailer home located in Tract 2 could be utilized as a weekend hunting cabin and sells AS IS. The west property line next to Javine Road also is serviced by Osage County Rural Water district 15. The Tract has been dozed next to Javine Road in preparation for fencing on the west and will have a limited amount of fence in place adjacent to adjoining property.
The north property line of Tract 3 is surveyed and dozed. Some additional survey work has been done on the tract. There is a limited amount of fence in place adjacent to adjoining property.

Natural Resources:

The predominate tree cover of this representative Cross Timbers area is Post oak, Blackjack and hickory. Additional trees and shrubs such as persimmon, sand plum,Mexican plum and redbud are scattered through the area. The lower bottoms support multiple species of oak, hackberry, sycamore, pecan and walnut to name a few of the varied timber and shrub varieties. Tallgrass Prairie grasses are found in the timber and on the small prairies scattered through the property.

The predominate Niotaze-Darnell and Steedman-Coweta soils that are located over sandstone are suited mostly for native range forage production. These same associations support wet weather and permanent springs that provide the terrain and drainage to build ponds and reservoirs.


The property will include a diversified game and non-game population such as deer, turkey, quail, squirrel, bobcat, rabbit, fox, coyote, and a multitude of birds adapted to the Cross Timbers

The rugged terrain limits vehicle traffic but offers many trails and areas for hiking, horse back riding, ATV exploration and , with the construction of reservoirs, fishing and water opportunities.

Additional Information :

The location near the Tulsa metropolitan area and the spreading development of smaller tracts to the south would suggest that this parcel will be in the path of future development while presently offering grazing and recreation opportunities.


Approximately $1.00/acre

160 acres

An attractive combination agriculture and recreation property with a diversified landscape including native grass, timber and creek. The property is located in a naturally occurring spring area which creates the headwaters of Little Walnut Creek. The rolling hills and mosaic mix of creek bottom and upland timber provides excellent deer, turkey, and quail habitat.

Acreage and Legals: 160 acres, +/-, Surface Only:

NE/4 of Section 33 Township 13 North Range 8 East, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma.

Location: Turn West from Highway 48 at Welty turn off for 5 miles, then South on County Road 3670 for 4 miles. Property is accessed via closed county road on section line for 0.5 miles East.

  • 24 miles South of Bristow
  • 14 miles North of the I-40 and Highway 48 intersection
  • 55 miles Southwest of Tulsa (approx. 1 hour)
  • 75 miles East of Oklahoma City (approx. 1.5 hours)

Improvements and Resources:

  • Excellent wildlife base of deer, turkey, quail, and dove
  • Numerous locations for home or weekend retreat
  • Well constructed cinder block cabin

Taxes: Less than $100 per annum

Property Utilization: The agriculture base is composed of sandy and sandy loam soils that are well suited for improved forages such as Bermuda, crabgrass, fescue, annual ryegrass and clover. The native vegetation consists of little bluestem, broomsedge, birdsfoot trefoil, Illinois bundleflower, sand plum and persimmon on the upland while sycamore, red oak, pecan, hickory, and redbud can be found along the creek.

The sportsman and recreation enthusiast will enjoy the live water, the mosaic timber, spring fed draws and the peaceful and scenic setting. This remote but accessible property offers a myriad of recreational activities including; hunting, 4-wheeling, and scenic trails to explore.


136 acre Arkansas River Tract

This well fenced tract contains approximately 115 acres of land that previously was in wheat and the excellent soils lend themselves to the introduction of Bermuda, crabgrass, clover and other introduced forages. The tract is further complimented by a solar powered well and water tanks.


Approximately 136 acres located 1 mile south of Ralston on NS 352 Rd. and east on Cemetery Rd. ½ mile to dead end into the tract. The acreage sells surface only. The acreage adjoins the west bank of the Arkansas River.Ralston is located northeast of Pawnee on Highway 18 approximately 16 miles and south ofFairfax 6 miles. Tulsa is approximately 75 minutes and Oklahoma City would be 2 hours,more or less.Described as the W/2 of the NE/4 and Lots 1 and 2 of Section 12, Township 23N, Range 5E, Pawnee County and believed to contain 130+/-acres.And Lot 7 of Section 1, Township 23N, Range 5E, Pawnee County and believed to contain
6+/- acres.
Acreage was determined using GPS points super imposed on a 2004 map that was measured to contain 147 acres. The current acreage is only an estimate by the Seller and would need verification by a purchaser. Actual acreage is not warranted by the Seller or Seller’s representative (s).


The tract is well fenced and contains approximately 115 acres which was previously planted to wheat. The small acreage in Section 1 is not currently fenced.
The property is mostly in the flood plain and the north portion shows the loss of about 11 acres from the 2004 aerial map. With permission from the Corps of Engineers, some mitigation could be used to stabilize land loss, as well as, exploring some NRCS programs to alleviate erosion. The present owner has not pursued those options. The 15 +/- acres of timber cover on the east seems to limit erosion loss from that area and accretion on the east is evident.
The acreage’s Gaddy and Keokuk silt loam and fine sandy loam soils are excellent for Bermuda, crabgrass, clovers and improved forages. The fenced area is further complimented with a solar powered well and water tanks.
Although agriculture would seem to be the highest and best use, the recreation use could be enhanced with the introduction of harvestable timber that would stabilize the soil, provide future income and improved wildlife habitat.

For maps and other information please contact us.


Approximately $400/annum.

640 +/- acre, J Bar Ranch

DESCRIPTION: This attractive and scenic Oklahoma ranch for sale is located in an area of larger tracts, with less development pressure, while still being easily reached from the Tulsa Metroplex. A mosaic mix of bottomland and upland timber, native Tallgrass Prairie and introduced pasture offers agriculture and wildlife value that should appeal to those who desire a quick country get a way or accessible retirement acreage. The south end moves from rolling terrain to outstanding upland visas on the north created by elevation changes from 785 feet to 1050 feet. There is no active oil or gas production currently on the ranch. The deed grants any minerals that might be available and the owner has not explored to discover if, in fact, there is any mineral interest.


This combination Oklahoma hunting ranch and cattle ranch is described as the E/2 of Section 25 and the E/2 of Section 36, both sections located in Township 15 North, Range 9 East, Creek County, Oklahoma, 640 acres +/-.


● Bristow 11 miles northwest.

● Slick 5 miles northeast.

●Tulsa 35 miles northeast.

The ranch is accessed quickly from Tulsa via the Turner Turnpike to the Kellyville exit.

Utilize the Slick Road west of Kellyville to Highway 16 and Slick. South of Slick turn west across Deep Fork Creek and then south on S. 249th W. Ave. two miles; west ½ mile and then south past the Fisher Feed Mill one mile to W. 301st Street S. The ranch entrance is located 1 and ½ mile west on the north side of the road.

The ranch can also be accessed from Highway 48, south of Bristow, by turning east on W. 281st Street S. for one mile; South on S. 337th W. Ave two miles to W. 301st Street S. then east 3.5 miles to the ranch entrance.


The ranch is completely fence on the outside with 5 miles of well constructed 5 wire fence supported with welded pipe brace and corner posts. Additional partition fencing creates 5 pastures and traps. The attractive entrance leads to the headquarters area that has an open faced barn and hay storage as well as some covered working area. Portable panels create a very usable livestock handling area. The owner installed a septic tank, for his travel trailer, and drilled a well a short distance from the headquarters. The current ranch road system allows the ability to access most areas of the ranch.


The well supplies the headquarters area with automatic water tanks, frost proof hydrants and also serves the trailer. It would be more than adequate for a home. 5 ponds, some of them spring fed, and the spring fed creek supply surface water to the pastures. This area is well known for the spring activity.


Approximately 300 acres have been sprigged to Bermuda and these same soils are capable of supporting improved crabgrass, several clover varieties, fescue, annual ryegrass or other introduced forages. The owner is currently stocking the ranch with 100 animal units and haying approximately 80 acres of Bermuda pasture. The soils indicate that with even conservative grass management of the introduced and native pasture, that the stocking rate is very realistic.


The mosaic mix of forage and timber creates a habitat that supports game and non-game species and is in an area that is considered excellent deer and turkey hunting. This Oklahoma hunting ranch adjoins several larger undeveloped acreages that create additional value.


As previously mentioned, the appeal should be there for full time or part time agriculturalist. While the recreation value is strong, it does not diminish the agricultural value of the acreage.

Besides a cow/calf operation, it could easily be utilized for a stocker operation or even the headquarters for a larger operation.

The property is located in an area that has qualified for accelerated federal income tax depreciation on qualifying depreciable ranch improvements. This is due to the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 that targets former Indian Lands inOklahoma. This act is awaiting extension in the pending federal budget and provides a shorter recovery period of approximately 40% for most non-residential depreciable property.

If depreciable asset are helpful, the fencing in itself would provide a significant depreciation.

Advalorem taxes in Oklahoma are generally favorable when compared to other areas of the country. The current taxes are approximately $1,100 per year.

335 Acres

This Oklahoma ranch for sale encompasses a 24 acre Upstream Flood Control lake, mosaic upland prairie/timber and fertile bottomland located below the lake. This partially fenced hunting ranch for sale has been recently surveyed. The short distance to the Deep Fork Wildlife Management Area and it’s rural setting contribute to the varied wildlife population. The acreage offers livestock grazing opportunities and a multitude of home or cabin sites.

Acreage and Legal Description:

335 acres, +/-, Surface Only; Survey April, 2010 NE/4, W/2 SE/4, E/2 SW/4, and the E/2 of Lot 3 in Section 30, Township 13 North Range 8 East, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma.


When approaching from the North: turn West off Highway 48 at Welty. Procede 5 miles West to County Road 3670; then South for 3 miles to County Road 0990; then West 1 mile to County Road 3660; then South 1/4 mile to entrance road on the west side.

When approaching from the South: turn North off Highway 62 on Main St. of Paden. Procede 5 miles North to County Road 0990; then 4 miles East to County Road 3660; then South 1/4 mile to entrance road on the west side.

  • Approximately 55 miles Southwest of Tulsa (approx. 1 hour)
  • Approximately 75 miles East of Oklahoma City (approx. 1.5 hours)
Improvements and Resources:
  • All weather roads to the Oklahoma hunting land for sale.
  • Electricity available and water well location at old home site.
  • Excellent wildlife base of deer, turkey, quail, dove and waterfowl.
  • Numerous locations for home or weekend retreat
  • 24 acre Lake: Fishing, waterfowl, recreation and irrigation potential below
    the dam for pasture, fruit trees or other agriculture enterprises.
Property Utilization:

The sandy and sandy loam soils are well suited for the native Tallgrass Prairie forages and Cross Timbers vegetation on the ridges and higher elevations. The bottom land soils are capable of sustaining introduced forages such as annual ryegrass and clovers. These soils contribute to an agriculture base while sustaining the wildlife population. The water supply from the Lake could provide the ability to irrigate in the productive soils below the dam.The same valve that controls the water level could possibly be utilized to reduce the water level to introduce favorable vegetation for waterfowl in the shallow areas of the Lake.

Additional Information:

The expense of fencing, and other improvements, does offers an opportunity to those buyers that may want to utilize the Federal Accelerated Depreciation offered on former Indian Lands. This depreciation, other than residential, allows an approximately 40% quicker depreciation for ranch improvements such as fences, roads, ponds, corrals, and barns.

The 2010 Advalorem Taxes were $213/year.

The adjoining agriculture operation has proven to be an excellent “eye on the property” besides being excellent neighbors of this farm land for sale.