Description: This mostly Cross Timbers site exhibits the results of frequent fires that have lifted the timber canopy in many areas and allowed a diversified mix of native grasses, forbs and legumes. Due to this activity, the habitat for wildlife has been greatly enhanced and presents this property, with the preponderance of Post Oak, Blackjack and hickory, as a recreation acreage. The oil field roads and utility easements create accessibility and fire lanes over much of the land.
The one pond on the acreage is supplemented by several springy draws created by the topographically changes found throughout the property.
Location and Acreage : Located less than 3 miles southwest of Barnsdall, Oklahoma and north of Birch Lake. Bartlesville and Pawhuska are within 30 to 35 minutes and Tulsa less than an hour.
The property contains 225 acres +/- of deeded land. Within the boundary are two additional 15 and 10 acre tracts.
Improvements and Utilities: There are no improvements, although the fencing would be rated excellent. Utilities are accessible and water for many of the homes in the area is obtained from wells.
Taxes: Less the $90/year.
Price: $315,000 $1,400/acre

Etheredge Tracts

Property Description: Approximately 48 acres +/- in two separate tracts offered as one unit or individually.

Tract 1- 18 Acres +/-: This 18 Acre +/- tract has 440 feet of road frontage via North 68th West Avenue. It provides a productive introduced forage base on the upland area. Battle Creek and Quapaw Creeks converge on the west side of the tract providing mature hardwood bottom land and recreational opportunities such as hunting and fishing.

Tract 2- 30 Acres +/-: This 30 Acre +/- tract has 1050 feet of road frontage via North 68th West Avenue. It also provides a productive introduced forage base and is primarily open. A portion of Quapaw Creek bisects the southwest corner of the parcel.

 Location: Downtown Skiatook- 3.5 miles

Skiatook Lake Cross Timbers Marina- 6 miles

Tulsa-  30 minutes

 Wildlife/ Recreation: Both tracts will include a diversified game and non-game population such as deer, turkey, quail, squirrel, bobcat, rabbit, coyote and a multitude of birds adapted to the Cross Timbers ecosystem. The terrain provides room to explore, boat, fish and hunt while providing room for your horses or a small herd of livestock.

 Additional Information: The pricing of these tracts has been mitigated by the fact that the rural water district pipe line is maxed out and there are no new taps available. Although there is currently a good water well south of the properties along Battle Creek, there is no guarantee that a drilled well on either tract would provide potable water. Due to the location on Battle and Quapaw Creeks, the tracts are located in the 100 year floodplain zone.

These tracts still offer grazing, forage production and recreation opportunities near Skiatook. The possibility remains that, at some time, the water line might be enlarged.

2016 Taxes: $94.40

Price: $156,000 $3,250/ac (CONTRACTED)

Albert Ranch For Sale

DESCRIPTION:       Acre for acre, this is one of the most productive properties we have marketed in some time.  The ranch has numerous, well fenced, pastures that have been designed to flow toward the headquarters pens and traps.  The grass base is almost all introduced forages that are well suited for rotation grazing.  The ranch was developed with ease of management in mind.

The owner has the ranch with 120 animal units.  The stocking has been enhanced significantly by utilizing the forage production for grazing and purchasing hay from outside sources.  Because it has a base of Bermuda and Fescue it will respond well to fertilization.  The location near the Arkansas River ports and commercial chicken production areas provides competitive fertilizer choices. This area of the state also responds well to clovers and annual ryegrass introduction.

LOCATION:          The ranch is located just over two miles west of Warner, Oklahoma.

Warner, with a population of approximately 1,700, is a highly regarded community due to its local school system and Conner’s State College .

Warner is 17 miles south of Muskogee, less than an hour from Tulsa, approximately 2 hours on Interstate 40 from Oklahoma City and an hour to Ft Smith and Van Buren, AR.


Attractive two bedroom, two bath home. This approximately 1800 square foot home offers easy expansion

Rural Water District serving the home and headquarters area.

100’ x 60’ hay barn that is well-constructed with steel girders.

Metal framed barn/storage with open side to corrals

25 ton bulk overhead feed bin.

Functional corrals and pens designed for ease of operation.

Automatic water tanks near the corrals.

Adequate water for livestock with 13 ponds and the ability to extend rural water to provide fresh water in all pastures.

Excellent 5 wire/steel post fencing with offset electric fencing in some areas.

 UTILIZATION:         Because of the ease of management this property could easily be operated as a registered cattle operation or a very efficient stocker receiving and growing facility.

This could be the ideal ranch for the operator with a full or part time job or business.

TAXES: 2016 Ad Valorem Taxes $2000


Trentman Property

Property Description:           The combination of native rangeland and just enough recreation land presents a property that should appeal to several interests. The Trentman Ranch’s rolling hills, native forages and 12 acre lake presents a pleasant blend of productivity and recreation value.


  • Osage County, Oklahoma.
  • 4.5 miles east of Hominy.
  • Skiatook- 25 minutes
  • Bartlesville- 45 minutes
  • Tulsa- 45 minutes

Resources and Improvements:

  • 2400 sq ft, 3 bd/2 bath rock home w/ 1200 sq ft deck, wet bar and Jacuzzi
  • Attached 2 bay carport and guest quarters.
  • 70 X 36’ Morton building w/ 2 bays, concrete floor, fully insulated and heated.
  • 22 X 36’ office w/ kitchenette, 1 bath and central heat/air.
  • Well water
  • Trash Service
  • Fishing dock on lake
  • Property has been surveyed and will be fully fenced.

Additional Information:       The property is located within the borders of a larger ranch and provides seclusion on the dead end county road yet is very accessible. The current owners have meticulously cared for the land and improvements. The tallgrass forage base would be rated in excellent condition and provide ample grazing for a few head of cattle or your horses.

Water:            The 12 acre lake is stocked with channel catfish, bluegill, largemouth bass and offers excellent fishing opportunities. A wet weather creek runs from below the lakes dam and through the south end of the property. The water well provides water for the home and headquarters.

Wildlife:         The property’s location, moderate tree cover and native plant community create an ideal habitat for wildlife. Approximately 12 acres of the bottom ground is composed of Verdigris Silt Loam soils, one of the most productive soils in the county, and provides an excellent site for a year round food plot.      

Tax Information: Advalorem taxes for 2015 were approximately $1750

The ranch location will qualify for Accelerated Federal Income Tax Depreciation if it is extended.  The depreciation incentive provides a shorter recovery period of approximately 40% for most non-residential depreciable property.

Minerals:        Property transfers as surface only and has no producing wells.

Price: $450,000

Moore Ranch

This combination native and introduced forage ranch is well located southwest of Bartlesville and within easy distance of Tulsa. The ranch was developed as a cutting horse training facility with an 18 stall barn, round pens, corrals, hay/storage barn and feed facilities. A large pond was developed with the ability to supply water too several pastures on the ranch and provides an area that is very attractive to water fowl . The approximately 75 acres of Bermuda based pastures are located along a small tributary of Bird Creek and this area offers additional acreage for pasture development. The native forage base of Tallgrass Prairie grasses, legumes and forbs, contributes to the forage base. The wildlife habitat enhances the population of deer, turkey, quail and other wildlife species common to the area. The elevation changes and the mixture of prairie and Cross Timbers habitat provide character not often found in a ranch this size.

The ranch is located adjacent to Highway 123, north of Barnsdall and south Bartlesville. The Frank Phillips Woolaroc Ranch and Museum is just 3 miles north. Bartlesville is approximately 15 minutes from the ranch and Tulsa would be an easy 45 minutes.

A well maintained two bedroom/two bath mobile home is located near the training facilities and East Choteau creek that flows through the property. Besides the 18 stall horse barn, with wash and tack rooms, a well-built 55’ x 75’ hay and storage barn is found at the headquarters.

A large cutting pen and round pen are near the 160’ x 100’ covered working facility. Several well fenced pastures are near the headquarters and facilitate easy movement of livestock. Although a small area of Cross Timbers is not fenced at the entrance, the quality of the fences would be considered above average.

The ranch is serviced by the Barnsdall rural water district but is supplemented by the 9 acre lake which was constructed to provide water to several pastures and the headquarters if needed. A hand dug well at the headquarters also contains water. As previously mentioned, East Choteau Creek flows through the ranch creating an additional sources of water.

The ranch can be utilized as small working ranch or a week end retreat and a hunting and recreation acreage that could provide leased agriculture income. The elevation changes offer several areas for home sites.

Taxes: 2015 ad valorem taxes $1162


5A Ranch

Description:    This combination grazing/recreation property is truly an end of the road ranch and is possibly on of the most remote ranches in Osage County.  The ranch contains a mosaic mix of Tallgrass Prairie, Cross Timbers vegetation and about 100 acres of bottom land.  Much of the bottom that was previously cultivated, and even irrigated, now has an introduced forage base. There is almost 250 ft of elevation change as the terrain varies from 800 ft. to 1040 ft.  The limestone and sandstone soils support the grasses, legumes, a varied mix of upland and bottomland timber and woody species.  The nearly 1 and ¾ miles of Pond Creek truly enhance the unique qualities of the ranch.  The adjoining large ranches, Western Wall Primitive Hunting Unit and the location northeast of the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve serve to protect the integrity of the property and contribute to the wildlife diversity and quality.

 Acreage:          The 1392 acres, more or less, are located in Osage County and sell as surface only.


  • 6 mi from historic Elgin, KS
  • 13 miles from Sedan, KS
  • 105 miles from Wichita, KS
  • 26 miles from Pawhuska, OK
  • 35 miles from Bartlesville, OK
  • 80 miles from Tulsa, OK

Improvements:           The ranch has had approximately 2.5 miles of new fence built within the last 3 years. Additionally, 2 new ponds were constructed and 5 were rebuilt and cleaned out to provide ample livestock water and allow for rotational grazing throughout the ranch. There is a small functional set of steel pens with load-out. The roads and creek crossing have been improved to allow for semi access to the pens.

Soils/Topography/Forage:             The Tallgrass Prairie forages are evident on the limestone soils of the prairie, sandstone base of the Cross Timbers and the bottom land soils of Pond Creek and it’s tributaries.

The prairie grasses are represented by Big bluestem, Indian grass, Switchgrass and Little bluestem to name just a few of the major Tallgrass species.  Prairie Acacia, Leadplant, Showy partridgepea, Roundhead lespedeza and Slender lespedeza are just a few of the represented legumes. Maximilian and Ashy sunflower, Prairie coneflower, Pitcher sage, and several Gayfeather varieties are representative of the native forbs.

The Cross Timbers contains these same species and is noted for the sandstone based soil. These soils sustain the post oak, blackjack oak and hickory of the upland as well as sand plum, Mexican plum and redbud.

The Pond Creek bottom and its tributaries will sustain red oak, bur oak, chinquapin oak, pecan, black walnut, sycamore and river birch for just a partial list of species represented.

These plants, and many others, are important ingredients of the diverse ecological balance of the Tallgrass Prairie and Cross Timbers ecosystems.  They contribute to the livestock grazing and wildlife habitat of this area of Oklahoma and Southern Kansas.

The native grass pastures are predominately Niotaze and Bigheart soils which are capable of producing 3,000 to 4,000 pounds of forage per year.  The former cultivated land, which is currently in Bermuda based pastures, is predominately Verdigris silt loam, a high production soil that is well suited for introduced winter and summer forages.

Wildlife and Recreation:             The ability to own a remote piece of this unique Osage County ecosystem and to explore areas that are much the same as they were in the 1870s, when the Osage Tribe moved to Osage County from Kansas, is the ultimate recreation for many. The South Fork of Pond Creek and the main channel of Pond Creek come together creating the head of Pond Creek on this ranch. The resulting topography and wildlife habitat within this riparian area is second to none. Mature deer in the 150″ range have commonly been seen, in addition to a large turkey and feral hog population.

Deer, turkey, quail, hogs and other game animals such as squirrel, raccoon, coyote and rabbit are abundant. The varied non-game population will include eagles, prairie chicken, and other woodland and prairie bird species.  Red and Grey fox, bobcats, and even an occasional cougar may be spotted in this habitat.

This northern area of Osage County, near the Kansas border, has consistently produced outstanding deer and turkey hunting. The 5A Ranch has undergone intensive wildlife management the last several years including selective harvesting of mature deer only, improving buck to doe ratios and habitat management.

Water:             It is always beneficial when one of the strongest values of a property is the surface and potential well water.  There is a well that was located at the former home and an additional well in the bottom that was at one time utilized to irrigate the cultivated land.  Osage County has an annual rainfall of approximately 38”.  Statistically, November through February is the driest period of the year.

Pond Creek is spring fed, as are the tributaries, and has traditionally provided much of the stock water for the ranch.  Seven ponds also provide water for the livestock and wildlife.   There are numerous locations for additional water impoundments.

Additional Information:              This property obviously will not appeal to those that demand the convenience of urban living but should interest those that appreciate the freedom and peace that is offered by stepping back from the hectic lifestyle that most live.  These same people will value the remote location and  ecosystem that this property represents.

The recently constructed cross fencing allows for more intensive management of the native and introduced forage base allowing for better utilization of the forage and ease of moving livestock.

Compared to many other states, the advalorem taxes are relatively low.  The current taxes are are approximately $1.25/ acre per annum.


The information in this brochure is from sources deemed reliable, but no warranty or representation is made as to its accuracy by the Seller and its Brokers expressly disclaim any liability for errors, omissions or changes regarding any information provided for this property.

Ballew 50 acre +/- Tract

Property Description:           This acreage is part of the 3160 acres Ballew ranch which is a combination recreation/agriculture ranch west of Bartlesville, in Osage County.  All the tracts have access to County Road 2145 and offer diverse home site locations with a mosaic mix of open prairie and Cross Timbers vegetation.

Acreage:        This 50 +/- acre tract lies north of the 2675 contiguous acres which are the main portion of the ranch.  The tracts are located in Osage County and therefore sell as surface only.

Location:        The property is accessed by turning South from Highway 60, west of Bartlesville, onto County Road 2145 or from Highway 123, south of Bartlesville, turning north on County Road 2145.

Bartlesville-    10 minutes

Tulsa-              1 hour

Improvements: There are no improvements on any of the tracts and the fencing is excellent to poor.

Water:   Rural water is available but will require line and easements to the property.  Electricity is at least within a short distance.

Additional Information:          The varied terrain of the tracts offer horseback riding, hiking, bike and ATV trails. The relatively short distance fromTulsa andBartlesville is a value that should continue to grow in the coming years. An additional distinctiveness to the properties is the location that adjoins, or is near, the Frank Phillip’s Wooloroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve and the 542 acre Wah-Shah-She Girl Scout Camp.

Taxes: Current Advalorem taxes are considerably less than $1.00/acre.

Price:              50 +/- acres priced @ $1500/ac                          (CONTRACTED)

Cain 40 Acres and Home

Description:     This well located home, just east of Pawhuska, offers space and solitude while being minutes from the bustle of town.  The scenic landscape is enhanced by a nice sized pond and presents a quality mix of grazing and timber.  The oak and blackjack timber is predominate with additional upland trees and shrubs such as persimmon, hickory and plum which provide wildlife habitat and additional grazing under the tree cover.

Location:         The Home, at 1272 Okesa Road, is located less than a mile and a half east of the Okesa Road and Highway 99 intersection and 3 miles from the downtown area.

The small town of Pawhuska offers that laid back style of living with easy access to larger metropolitan areas.

Bartlesville is an easy 30 minutes, the Tulsa airport and downtown is just over an hour and Ponca City is 40 minutes.

Pawhuska, with a population of approximately 3,500, is the county seat of Osage County and the largest county in Oklahoma.  The County government and the Osage tribal government offices add to the strength of the ranching and oil and gas industry.   A growing tourism industry has created growth and renovation in the downtown area.

Home:       The approximately 2650 sq. foot home’s exterior is attractive native sandstone and has recently been re-shingled.  A large kitchen and utility room is accessed by hallway from the covered porch.  The comfortable dining room flows into a large living area with a native sandstone fireplace. Large double doors allow access to two more living areas.  The dining and living areas all have finished mzple flooring and paneled walls.

The home is currently configured for 3 bedrooms but offers some options to reconfigure the space.  There is one full bath with two lavatories, a half bath and a shower in the utility room.

The home has a new hot water heater and the air conditioning unit is relatively new.

Shop:       The 30’ x 40’ shop and equipment storage includes an approximately 10’ x 30 room that could be utilized for various activities or even a small business.  The shop has a separate electric meter.

Corrals and fences:    A steel corral system is located just north of the shop and adjoins a small building that appears to have been small milk shed.  Although not currently utilized, it could possibly be converted to a small horse barn.  The fences are more than adequate to contain livestock.

Utilities and water:       The electric power is obtained from PSO and the water to the home and several outside taps, is provided by a private line from the City of Pawhuska.  An older septic system will require some updating.  A fire tap is located just south of the home.

The pond just south of the home provides livestock water besides fishing opportunities.

Pastures and Forage:     A small trap by the home and pens contains mostly Bermuda and fescue while the remaining acreage has the same forage mix, as well as, native grass under Oak and blackjack timber.

Taxes: Advalorem taxes paid for 2015 were $542.

Price: $185,000

The information in this brochure is from sources deemed reliable, but no warranty or representation is made as to its accuracy by the Seller and its Brokers expressly disclaim any liability for errors, omissions or changes regarding any information provided for this property.