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Mullins Farm and Ranch


Mullins Farm and Ranch


  • Land Area: 928 Acres
  • Location: Ponca City, OK



928 acres of deed land, complimented by 560 of current lease land for a total of 1488 acres.

The Oklahoma farm for sale contains approximately 403 acres of native Tallgrass Prairie, 145 acres of introduced
forage and 380 acres of cultivated. The current lease land consist of approximately 290 acres of native
pasture and 270 acres of cultivated.


This Oklahoma land is located in Noble and Pawnee Counties, two miles east of Highway 177 and north of Sooner Lake. The ranch borders and is intersected by Red Rock Creek and adjoins the Arkansas River on the East. The ranch is located in the Frontier School District, considered one of the best rural consolidated school districts in the State of Oklahoma, and certainly one of the best funded because of the OG&E power plant.

  • Ponca City is approximately 20 minutes.
  • Stillwater and Perry are approximately 30 minutes.
  • Tulsa and Oklahoma City are approximately 90 minutes.

This attractive and versatile property offers excellent soils for native grass and introduced forage as well as cultivated crop production. The deeded Oklahoma Land land combined with lease land, that has a long history with the ranch, offers the knowledgeable producer a lower cost per unit of production and stretches land input costs. The mix of crop and grass production should truly interest producers whether they be pasture or crop oriented.

The headquarters shop, barns, corrals and the attractive residence add value to the well located creage. It goes without mentioning, that the 774 acres of mineral interest adds additional value.

Production and Soils:

The owner at one time had a stocker operation centered around wheat production and grazing, during the fall and spring, and the native grass in the summer. He currently maintains approximately 150 cows and weans those calves for the fall, winter and spring wheat grazing.This system would allow the purchase of additional stockers if conditions were favorable.

The Ashport, Port, Miller and Brewer soils are predominate in the areas currently utilized for wheat
and alfalfa hay production. These same soils could be utilized for soybeans, corn, Milo or even moved into perennial winter and summer forage production. Some of these areas are in the back up water flood plain of Red Rock Creek and are occasionally flooded. The farmland has an approximately 39 bu. Wheat base.

Some of these same soils and the Teller loam soils are prominent in the introduced forage production of Bermuda, crab grass, annual ryegrass and clover.

Grainola, Ashport, Mulhall, Renfro and Lucien soils support the native Tallgrass Prairie grasses, forbs
and legumes. The native grass pastures are capable of producing 4,000 to 5,000 lbs of forage per acre per year and even more on the better soils. The Brewer soil, in the Red Rock Creek bottom, supports a native grass hay meadow and a Bermuda grass hay meadow. They both produce tremendous amounts of high quality forage.

There are a large number of Pecan trees in several areas of the ranch that offer additional income.


A modern 2200 sq. ft. brick home, built in 1956, has a single garage, two covered porches, a deck and a geothermal HVAC system. The home has recently been roofed with 40 year rated asphalt shingles. The three bedrooms, 1 and ¾ baths home, has insulated walls and attic, carpet, pecan trim and modern appliances.

The 44’ x 100’machinery barn has is extremely well built and has metal roof and siding, an overhead door w/opener, double sliding doors on the opposite end, wired and has 1/3 of the floor area in concrete.

There are two hay barns, one 68’x 50’ and the other 32’x 38’.

A machinery garage and storage barn measure 24’x 24’ and 30’x 48’ respectively.

There are two round storage bins, one with a built in unloading auger.

The steel corrals are also located at the headquarters and include a loading chute, working chute, Fairbanks scale with balancer and a scale house with water, electricity and a refrigerator.

A 1976 Homette mobile home measures 14’x 70’ and has two bedrooms, two baths and propane heat.

The fences are relatively new to older fencing that has been maintained and is more than adequate for the current operation. Electric fencing is also utilized in some areas. The contiguous nature of the ranch and fence placement, facilitates the movement of livestock and grazing management.

Red Rock Creek has a concrete crossing that provides quick access to the east area of the ranch and provides livestock watering access. In times of high water on the creek, there is access to the east side from a County road on the north.


The well at the headquarters is tested at 110 gpm and has a submersible pump with a water treatment system. Much of the ranch has abundant underground water (approximately 20’ depth with about 11’ of permeable gravel) which could quickly provide more fresh water if needed.

The pastures not adjoining the creek have pond water available.

Minerals: The owner is offering one half of the mineral interest in approximately 774 acres of minerals. The balance would revert to the buyer at the end of 20 years unless production was present. There is currently no producing wells or an existing mineral lease on the property.

Wildlife and Recreation:

The habitat of prairie and upland scattered timber compliments the diverse riparian creek and river environment to create the habitat for a varied wildlife population. Deer and turkey thrive as well as other game and non-game wildlife. The location next to Sooner Lake enhances the waterfowl prospects while Sooner Lake is recognized as one of Oklahoma’s premier fishing lakes and is well known for the Striper and Hybrid Striper bass fishing. The ponds, Red Rock Creek and the Arkansas River provide even more recreation and fishing opportunities.


Oklahoma advalorem taxes are relatively lower than several surrounding states and the taxes for the ranch including the homestead are approximately $1,600 per year.

The Accelerated Federal Depreciation that has been available in Oklahoma since 1994 is awaiting congressional approval in the 2008 budget. The acreage is in an area that is believed to be qualified for approximately a 40% shorter recovery period for most non-residential depreciable property.

Conditions of Sale:

Mr. Mullins will be available to advise the purchaser while making a transition.He will be happy to assist in the transfer of leases and the myriad of details that result in a sale of this magnitude and to work for a possession date that accommodates the purchaser.

The equipment, tools, hay and the cow herd of approximately 150 cows, replacement heifers and bulls would be offered for sale but are not a condition of sale.

FSA payments would be prorated to the time of sale and possession based on when the payments are made and for what period they cover.

Property Documents

Property Document

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