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Leonard Ranch


Leonard Ranch


  • Land Area: 1112 Acres
  • Location: Elgin, KS


This combination grazing/hunting land for sale is truly an end of the road ranch and is possibly on of the most remote ranches in Osage County. The Osage County Oklahoma ranch, which has been in the same family since 1945, contains a mosaic mix of Tallgrass Prairie, Cross Timbers vegetation and about 180 acres of bottom land. Much of the bottom that was previously cultivated, and even irrigated, now has an introduced forage base. There is almost 250 ft of elevation change as the terrain varies from 800 ft. to 1040 ft. The limestone and andstone soils support the grasses, legumes, a varied mix of upland and bottomland timber and woody pecies. The nearly 1 and ¾ miles of Pond Creek truly enhance the unique qualities of the ranch. The adjoining large ranches, Western Wall Primitive Hunting Unit and the location northeast of the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve serve to protect the integrity of the property and contribute to the wildlife diversity and quality of this Oklahoma hunting ranch for sale.


The 1112 acres, more or less, are located in Osage County Oklahoma and sell as surface only.

  • 6 mi from historic Elgin, KS
  • 13 miles from Sedan, KS
  • 105 miles from Wichita, KS
  • 26 miles from Pawhuska, OK
  • 35 miles from Bartlesville, OK
  • 80 miles from Tulsa, OK

The older 2 story home is in need of repair but could possibly be utilized as a hunting lodge or weekend retreat. There is a smaller storage building, a refer van utilized for storage of livestock feed and supplies and an overhead bulk feed tank. The mostly steel corral at the headquarters is still functional and should be easily repairable. At one time there were many partition fences, some of which are still functional. The outside fences have contained the livestock on the Oklahoma ranches for sale and will vary from new to aged.


The Tallgrass Prairie forages are evident on the limestone soils of the prairie, sandstone base of the Cross Timbers ranch for sale and the bottom land soils of Pond Creek and it’s tributaries.

The prairie grasses are represented by Big bluestem, Indian grass, Switchgrass and Little bluestem to name just a few of the major Tallgrass species. Prairie Acacia, Leadplant, Showy partridgepea, Roundhead lespedeza and Slender lespedeza are just a few of the represented legumes.Maximilian and Ashy sunflower, Prairie coneflower, Pitcher sage, and several Gayfeather varieties are representative of the native forbs.

The Cross Timbers ranch for sale contains these same species and is noted for the sandstone based soil. These soils sustain the post oak, blackjack oak and hickory of the upland as well as sand plum, Mexican plum and redbud.

The Pond Creek bottom and its tributaries will sustain red oak, bur oak, chinquapin oak, pecan,black walnut, sycamore and river birch for just a partial list of species represented.

These plants, and many others, are important ingredients of the diverse ecological balance of the Tallgrass Prairie and Cross Timbers ecosystems. They contribute to the livestock grazing and wildlife habitat of this area of Oklahoma and Southern Kansas.

The ranch is currently stocked with approximately 100 cows and does show an upside potential with more intensive management. The native grass pastures are predominately Niotaze and Bigheart soils which are capable of producing 3,000 to 4,000 pounds of forage per year. The former cultivated land, which is currently in Bermuda based pastures, is predominately Verdigris silt loam, a high production soil that is well suited for introduced winter and summer forages.

Wildlife and Recreation:

The ability to own a remote piece of this unique Osage County ecosystem and to explore areas that are much the same as they were in the 1870s, when the Osage Tribe moved to Osage County from Kansas, is the ultimate Oklahoma land for sale for many.

Deer, turkey, quail, hogs and other game animals such as squirrel, raccoon, coyote and rabbit are abundant. The varied non-game population will include eagles, prairie chicken, and other woodland and prairie bird species. Red and Grey fox, bobcats, and even an occasional cougar may be spotted in this habitat.

This northern area of Osage County, Oklahoma land for sale, near the Kansas border, has consistently produced outstanding deer and turkey hunting.


It is always beneficial when one of the strongest values of a property is the surface and well water. The well at the home is shallow and strong with two additional wells in the bottom that were at one time utilized to irrigate the farm land for sale. Osage County, Oklahoma  has an annual rainfall of approximately 38”. Statistically, November through February is the driest period of the year.

Pond Creek is spring fed, as are the tributaries, and has traditionally provided much of the stock water for the ranch. Several ponds also provide water for the livestock and wildlife. There are numerous locations for additional water impoundments.

Additional Information:

This property obviously will not appeal to those that demand the convenience of urban living but should interest those that appreciate the freedom and peace that is offered by stepping back from the hectic life style that most live. These same people will value the remote location and ecosystem that this Oklahoma ranch represents.

Additional fencing, partition fences and more intensive management of the native and introduced forage base offers additional carrying capacity for livestock and even improved habitat for the wildlife.

The ranch acreage for sale is in an area of Oklahoma, designated as special American Indian lands, that has previously
qualified for Federal Accelerated Income Tax Depreciation relating to most nonresidential depreciable property. This equates to a shorter recovery period of approximately 40%. This act is awaiting extension by Congress. If extended, there would be an opportunity to utilize this quicker depreciation of fences, roads, ponds and other ranch depreciable property.

Compared to many other states, the advalorem taxes are relatively low. The current taxes are less than $1,000/year.

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