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Dutcher Property | Cross Timbers Land

Dutcher Property

Bartlesville, OK
$270,000 | $2250/acre

We are pleased to market a property in the historically significant Tyler Brent Ranch, just on the northeastern edge of Bartlesville just minutes from town; the entrance being located on the north side of W 1800 road (Tuxedo), just a mile and a half east of the Tuxedo and Bison Road intersection.  This unfenced tract is bisected by a tributary of Coon Creek that flows from the Southeast corner to the Northwest portion; consequently the elevation changes create property with “character”.

There are currently 4 active oil wells on the property.  The gravel roads into the property are maintained by the oil company and provide access to the core of the property.  A gravel based road also extends north on the east fence line for additional access.

The soil base of Eram– Verdigris soils in the lower areas is complimented by the Summit and Shidler silty loam soils on the slopes and upper flats.  As previously mentioned, the acreage is currently part of a larger pasture with an excellent Tallgrass Prairie base of forages.  Additional partition fencing would allow rotational grazing to utilize the forage production capabilities of the varying soils.

The property currently does not have a recorded easement providing access to the property on the current oil field road. However, the tract is located on section line and could provide access with additional construction to the existing road base.  Also, due to the acreage adjoining this tract having common ownership, an easement may be possible without difficulty.

Obviously 120 acres will sustain a limited amount of livestock, but the tract does offer the opportunity for a “ranchette” near Bartlesville with recreation possibilities.  There is an area to build a substantial dam that would impound a sizeable body of water on the main tributary to Coon Creek.  Due to the elevation changes, there are several locations for smaller ponds.

Electricity is available for the active oil wells and should be available for any improvements placed on the acreage. Rural water is located on W 1800 Road (Tuxedo), but currently would require additional lines to be laid.


$270,000 2019 Ad Valorem Taxes $133