240 Acres

Homestead Springs
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This appealing 240 acre tract in Eastern Payne County Oklahoma ranch for sale presents native Tallgrass Prairie grasses, legumes and forbs, some Bermuda based pasture and a mosaic mix of timber in the draws and lower areas. Elevation changes from 890 feet to 980 feet provide panoramic views and add to the personality and spaciousness of the Oklahoma ranches for sale. The property derives its name from an old homestead situated in a grove of trees and surrounded on both sides by spring fed draws. Four ponds are strategically located in the three pastures and additionally provide fishing and other recreation activities. The forage base of this well fenced ranch land for sale in Oklahoma reflects the conservation mindset of the present owners.


The 240 acre Oklahoma acreage for sale is approximately 15 miles or 20 minutes from down town Stillwater, Oklahoma. Stillwater is an hour from Oklahoma City and the ranch itself is approximately an hour from Tulsa. It is described as the NE/4 and E/2 NW/4 of Section 4, Township 19 North, Range 4 East, Payne County, Oklahoma. Location maps and information are available on request.

Stillwater, Oklahoma http://www.stillwaterchamber.org/general.asp?id=355 is the home of Oklahoma State University, Meridian Technology Center and is a Gateway campus for Northern Oklahoma College. The local public school system is one of the nations top rated school systems.

The Stillwater, Oklahoma  area is fast becoming a favorite retirement destination because of it’s cultural and
recreation advantages. Stillwater and the nearby cities of Tulsa and Oklahoma City offer excellent health care.

Payne County’s http://digital.library.okstate.edu/encyclopedia/entries/P/PA027.html settlement began during the land rush of 1889 and this in itself offers the history buff countless stories of the area as it prepared itself for statehood in 1907. You would have to believe that the homestead was part of that history.


The native grass forage base consists of Tallgrass Prairie grasses,legumes and forbs. The cross timbers ranch for sale dominant grasses will be big bluestem, little bluestem, Switchgrass and Indian grass, while native legumes such as Leadplant, slender lespedeza and roundhead lespedeza will be apparent in this excellent forage base. It is becoming more difficult to find a tract this size that retains the native grass base present at settlement. The Tallgrass Prairie was then represented with open prairies and timber on savannah like areas that were relatively free of brushy species and cedar encroachment. This primarily was the results of fire and the lack of population pressure. It is truly rewarding to find an Oklahoma acreage for sale that reflects much of what this Prairie may have been.

Consistent with many tracts settled as early as the 1889 Land Runs, the prairie was broken and crops were
planted. This helped sustain the homesteader who first interest was food on the table and a roof over their head. As our state grew and our knowledge of soil, crops and forage increased, it became apparent that many of these tracts were more suited to grass production than crop production. Through the efforts of Soil Conservation Districts and the research of our land grant colleges, many acres of lower producing crop land were then replanted to native grass or introduced forages such as Bermuda grass. Especially in the case of lower producing sandy type soils that required terraces, such as those found in the northeast portion of this ranch, the grasses slowed and stopped the erosion. The introduced forage base will primarily be Bermuda grass and the soil map indicate several introduced winter and summer forages would be well suited to the Doolin silt loam soil where much of the Bermuda based forage is located.


The ranch is well fenced with more than 1 mile of new outside and partition fencing and a steel constructed corral. The partition fencing allows for efficient management of the three pastures of approximately 80 acres each. That portion of the Oklahoma property for sale that at one time was cultivated land, and will show more introduced forage, could easily be fenced to provide even more management options.

The four well constructed ponds provide water for livestock, fishing opportunities and add to the character” of the ranch. At least the larger pond in the west central part of the ranch land for sale  is spring fed from the Homestead Springs and it is likely that other ponds will have spring activity in the tributaries feeding them.

Electricity and telephone service are available. Domestic water would need to be obtained from the springs or spring aquifer on the ranch.


The 2009 advalorem taxes were about $1.35/acre


This is of course an ideal property for those desiring a small livestock operation with quality acreage. Burning, persistent cedar control and proper grazing management will continue to maintain the native grass base. Additional fencing of the introduced forage land and the introduction of clovers, crabgrass and winter annuals could enhance the production and quality of this resource.

The location in the Stillwater area should interest those that enjoy country living with the advantages
of a larger community nearby. Whether it is a retiree or young professional, the many homes site options will interest those wishing to build a home or a quick retreat from our busy world.