Land Benefits

Were you aware that Oklahoma’s varied terrain, soil, forages, water, and weather provides a multitude of opportunities for:
Cow/calf and stocker operators – as well as preconditioning and finishing yards. In Oklahoma, the cattle industry is a way of life and is the states forerunner in agriculture. The cattle industry is the largest agriculture industry with 2002 cash receipts of $2.45 billion and an inventory of 5.3 million head of cattle.

Horses – Oklahoma is horse country. A study funded by the American Horse Council (AHC) in 2005 estimated total equine numbers in the state to be 326,000; ranking fourth overall and first per capita.

Other species – Oklahoma is home to a growing number of sheep, goats and alternative species such as deer, elk and bison.

Hunting/wildlife – The terrain of Oklahoma is abundantly populated with native wildlife such as deer, turkey, and quail. The recreational demand for hunting land is ever growing, allowing land owners to capitalize from lease hunting as an excellent source of income.

Fishing/waterfowl- Oklahoma has approximately 200 large lakes with over 2000 miles of shoreline that contain 1 million surface acres of water. Oklahoma has more man-made lakes than any other state in the United States plus an untold number of smaller ponds and lakes. All this providing ample opportunity for fishing, waterfowl hunting, boating and other recreational activities.

General Recreation – From sand dunes to 100,000 acre lakes, caves to mountains, forests to the Tall Grass Prairie, the diversified terrain of Oklahoma has something for everyone.